What-To-Wear: Acid Hip Hop

Current hip hop style is about adding dashes of 80s influence and mid-nineties gangsterly algorithm to this decade’s designs. Some people play up the gangster look with ill-fitting pants and wife beaters, falling short a couple of decades. Others go for a too-ambitious color scheme with bright purples, yellows and greens and end up getting lost in the year 1988. With this outfit, you’ll be able to represent your love of hip hop while looking decade appropriate.

1. All-Over-Print Bomber

All-over-print needs to be utilized sparingly, otherwise you’ll end up looking like an overflowing laundry basket. Bombers jackets are on trend and a street style favorite, just take a look at Eli Roth and Ryan Reynolds. Don’t wear it too baggy or you’ll look like you borrowed your grandpa’s coat. This bomber is sold here.

2. Black Meggings

These pants are on fire right now. Get them with a drop crotch to give off that gangster feel, but with an elastic waistband because no one wants to see your underwear these days. Throw a pair of shorts on over the leggings to get the same feel. Get the shorts here and the leggings here.

3. Sleeveless Hoodie

The Hells Angels wouldn’t allow sleeves because sleeves are for babies and you’re anything but. Black is a classic and keeps the look subdued. Keep this zipped up under your bomber, like a shirt. Get this hoodie here.

4. Nike High Tops

Don’t play the high tops as loud as your jewels. If your kicks are bling, and your jewels are bling, you’ll look like a joke. Case and point: Flavor Flav. Find this pair here.

5. Last, But Not Least

The jewels and gold pull this look together, making it shine. Gold sunglasses, gold jewelry, and a gold watch let everyone know that you have your mind on your money and your money on your mind. Get the MOB ring here.
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